Our Purpose is Clear and Our Approach is Unique


We Are Loyal

We remain loyal to our clients.

We Are Trusted

We act as trusted advisors.

We Are Focused

We focus our efforts on providing high-quality legal representation.



H Street Law provides services beyond those of similar firms.

We have high level security clearance and are regarded by regulators, prosecutors and agents from all sorts of industries as effective and solution driven. Our deep understanding of the law allows us to help our clients achieve positive outcomes.

As part of our unique and innovative approach, we frequently see a benefit to working with other lawyers and consultants on complex global cases and partners on smaller local matters. From retaining foreign counsel to instructing highly-skilled consultants to working with other partners, H Street Law looks to create the best path forward in a way that most other firms do not contemplate. Our process, as detailed below, helps lead our clients to the best result. However, these uniquely specialized paths forward are not for everyone. We regularly turn away potential clients who do not embrace or agree with our methods and approach to revolving conflicts and legal issues.


We Listen

 We develop a deep and comprehensive understanding of our clients.

We Develop

We provide personalized legal services.

We Strategize

We work with our clients to find the most effective paths to success. 

We Innovate

We structure advise to be goal-oriented and cost-effective.

We Break New Ground

We put together the best solutions for each client.